Meet the owners.

We are a locally owned and run business owned by Ryan and Candace Lawrence, along with our two children Kirstin and Cameron. We strive to provide superior quality and service to customers at a reasonable price. Our focus is placed on providing a “greener option for your laundry needs. Our natural detergents and ozone machines make this possible at the same cost as generic options, while sanitizing at a hospital grade level and prolonging the; life of your items.

We look forward to meeting new customers and their families as we service all of your laundering needs, feel free to drop in and meet our pleasant staff and employees and see what we may be able to help you with. Whether it be laundry services, dry cleaning to your local business or your personal items. We offer many services from alterations to boot repair, or simply washing and pressing your shirts or changing your laundry over so you can run errands.

There’s been a laundromat at 83 Elm Street in Camden since at least the 1980’s. Clean Bee Laundry was established during the summer of 2009.


Clean Bee Laundry is a member of the Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce, and the Camden Downtown Business Group.


Changing Clean for Good.

Clean Bee Laundry’s mission is to provide exceptional laundry service. Friendly, knowledgeable worker bees, a welcoming atmosphere, and environmental stewardship make us the place to bee for laundry in the midcoast. We will accomplish this mission by applying these principles to our triple bottom line: people, the planet, and prosperity.

Integrity- Consistency of actions, values, methods, measures and principles; sharing a sense of honesty and truthfulness in regard to our triple bottom line;

Relationship- Extending a warm, friendly, enthusiastic, and courteous approach; being in fellowship with our triple bottom line;

Excellence- Habitually surpassing ordinary standards in both process and outcome; sharing the benefits across our triple bottom line.